“ghost returns” is a space for live recordings, sets and mixes. In a loose series of digital-only releases TC5 affiliated/related/associated artists are presenting their vision of long form music.

TC5_ghost_returns_S02E01 – “Ghost´s Return by Dublock

TC5_ghost_returns_S01E05 – “Open Source Lullaby” by u-mano u-dito

TC5_ghost_returns_S01E04 – “In Darkest Hours” by Trium Circulorum & Kanal Drei

TC5_ghost_returns_S01E03 – “The Mix Of Susurrus” by mzungu

TC5_ghost_returns_S01E02 – “Nothing At All” by Earlyguard & Trium Circulorum

TC5_ghost_returns_S01E01 – “Nothing Remains” by Earlyguard