TC5_ghost_returns is a space for live recordings, sets and mixes. In a loose series of digital-only releases TC5 affiliated/related/associated artists are presenting their visions of long form music. Starting out as an experiment we have by now reached the end of Season 02. You can stream all episodes from here or over on youtube. Please find the download section with all available episodes and artist information at the bottom of this page.

TC5_ghost_returns_S02E05 – Field Lines Cartographer – […]

TC5_ghost_returns_S02E04 – Toxic Octopus – A Wonderful Abomination

TC5_ghost_returns_S02E03.1 – Mick Sussman – FeverDreamNo1
TC5_ghost_returns_S02E03.2 – Mick Sussman – FeverDreamNo2

TC5_ghost_returns_S02E02 – Trium Circulorum – Strich 100

TC5_Ghost_Returns_S02E01 – Dublock – Ghost’s Return

TC5_ghost_returns_S01E05 – u-mano u-dito – Open Source Lullaby

TC5_Ghost_Returns_S01E04 – Trium Circulorum & Kanal Drei – In Darkest Hours

TC5_Ghost_Returns_S01E03 – mzungu – the mix of Susurrus

TC5_Ghost_Returns_S01E02 – Earlyguard & Trium Circulorum – Nothing At All

TC5_Ghost_Returns_S01E01 – Earlyguard – Nothing Remains

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