TC5 collaborative label

TC5 is dedicated to sounds straight from the heart and soul of people fully devoted to and in love with what they create.

why “collaborative label”? why not “label”? because I don´t just want to put out records. i think the world needs collaboration and personal connections – more than ever before. so, yes – I´m releasing other people´s records but there is one rule: I won´t release solo artists.

I want your collaborations, your side kick duo projects, your ideas for split tapes and compilations. That´s why I call it a collaborative label.

all music will be released on tape in editions of 5 copies, also downloads will be available via the usual Bandcamp.

all money raised will be re-invested in the label for further releases and i will make donations towards charities in each artists home town, chosen by the artist. i´m not about making money, obviously, i´m about connections between humans.

in case you´re interested please feel free to send me your demo or project idea.