Third Reel (Dublock/Kanal Drei) – “The Hidden One”

IDAQ/Trium Circulorum – “Meditations” (Split)

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“Trium Circulorum”

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“Silent Surveillance”

Reviewed on “We need no swords”

“Silent Surveillance”

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“Weather Resonance Loops”

“Seven Seals (And One Spell)”

Reviewed on “lost in a sea of sound”

“Silent Surveillance”

Reviewed on “slyvinyl”

“Silent Surveillance”

Reviewed by “heskin radiophonic”

“3rd Witness – Low Bass Slow Pace Deep Space”

Reviewed on “Evol Kween: The Musical”

“Phirnis & Trium Circulorum – Solitary Shards Split”

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