trium circulorum


Trium Circulorum is an artist name but also a platform for other musicians, a place for collaborations and creative endeavours of many kinds. I have formerly been active as 3dtorus and I am still active under the monikers Kanal Drei and Third Witness. From 2014 to 2016 I operated the netlabel Mobius Spin.

Trium Circulorum was started as a cassette tape (and accompanying digital) release project, not because of a vague sense of retrophilia but out of the love for analog noise, randomness, glitches and saturation.

Trium Circulorum has developed into an informal and open space, grown and composed of different and changing people. The self-released tapes on Bandcamp page are strictly limited to small and mostly DIY editions. There have been numerous appearances on labels such as Still Heat Recordings, Concrete Tapes, Fwonk* Records and Romeda Records.cropped-logo-v2-tc