update | TC5_ghost_returns

We’ve been busy over here at TC5, not only with the tape releases of TC5.006 and .007 – also the TC5_ghost_returns have by now reached the second season final. Here’s an update on the last 3 releases. You can find all episodes here.

TC5_ghost_returns_S02E03 – Mick Sussman

The algorithmic composer Mick Sussman has up until now created only brief pieces, between 2 and 4 minutes. With “Fever Dream,” he tries his hand at long-form music. This track also moves in a new direction stylistically for Sussman, with less emphasis on rhythm and more on timbre. The slowly mutating phrases here have an air of menace and anxiety, but with a hint of hope for the fever to break.

TC5_ghost_returns_S02E04 – Toxic Octopus

“Once upon a time, through mysterious ways, a spontaneous love child between The Doll and Toxic Chicken had been born, one blessed to be a freak of nature, one who came into this world with multiple tentacles, all severely poisonous and armed at all times with lost and found instruments, trash, shakers, a voice, cultural things and rubbish. Wherever this beautiful eight legged abomination goes, wonderful psychedelic audio intoxications can be found, ones that are able to bend time and space enough to keep you hooked in its grip, trapped in a kaleidoscopic web of sound that will take you to wondrous places while high on its musical venom…”

TC5_ghost_returns_S02E05 – Field Lines Cartographer

Field Lines Cartographer is the ambient & drone project of Lancaster-based
electronic musician Mark Burford – aka techno producer Impulse Array.

FLC has released albums on Preston’s Concrete Tapes, experimental Manchester-based imprint Front & Follow & is a regular contributor to the A Year In The Country project, as well as featuring on numerous electronic & ambient compilations for various indepedent labels such as Modern Aviation, This Is It Forever & Woodford Halse. In January of this year ‘The Ferric Landscape’ was released on Yorkshire-based label Soundtracking The Void. Electronic Sound magazine’s review concluding : “The sound of big, strange worlds”. FLC has another album slated for release later in 2020 via the Castles In Space label. Using analogue synths & field recordings, the Cartographer creates often dark, occasionally bucolic soundscapes, described in The Wire magazine as “shimmering unsettling noodles” &
“a swirling vortex of darkness” by Electronic Sound magazine.

“This was recorded live in a single take using a small modular synth, Moog Grandmother & Subharmonicon synths & an Elektron Digitakt sampler,for fx, field recordings & other extra textures. The synths & modular were processed through various fx pedals.
In many ways this recording is a bit like playing live, but in ‘perfect’ conditions: i.e. I had all my synths & fx to hand & I could actually hear what I was doing properly – which is always the main issue when playing a gig!
In terms of the musical intent, I wanted to do something that was a reasonable balance between light & shade, mood-wise. So there are some moments of beauty & some darker more experimental sounding areas. Apart from the pre planned sequences, much of the playing was just improvised live – mainly on the Moog Grandmother. It also has a great arpeggiator which is amazing for just generating stuff on the fly.
I had a rough idea of the main sections I wanted to play, but the transitions between them & the overall structure of the recording was pretty much improvised. This is the part I really enjoy.
I really hope people enjoy it – warts & all.”

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