release note | TC5.006

SONIC TRADE is a dada collaboration between 8 artists. The Doll sent 6 artists sound descriptions to create any way they chose, they in turn sent 6 sound descriptions to create using only vocals. All 6 sets of 12 source sounds were sent to Trium Circulorum to mix into a track. Each artist supplied one word which created the three word titles. 

Sounds by:

Cath O’Brien – ‘Butler spine vault’

Furchick – ‘Virtual tiga king’

Madame Klaw – ‘Yay vaudeville smooch’

Margaret Feeney – ‘Smoky lead villain’

Morher – ‘Miff puppy villa’

Toxic Chicken – ‘Shadow void chanticleer’

Vocals by: The Doll

Mixed by: Trium Circulorum

Co-produced by: Trium Circulorum and Corporal Tofulung.

Collage art by: Ruby Nekk

Cassette layout by: Dublock