announcement | TC5 in summer 2020

I hope you’re all doing well these days, as far as possible, despite the virus.

We here at TC5 took a bit to adjust to the early stage of our new normal and have subsequently been quiet over the last weeks, nonetheless we’ve been busy working behind the scenes to bring you new music.

Today marks the release of TC5.007 – wait, our last release was catalogue number 005 so why are we at 007 all of a sudden? Good question! Simple answer: temporal anomalies in the TC5 continuum.


No worries, TC5.006 (including the tape version) will follow within the next 2 weeks.


Tapes? Yes, there will be tapes. On next Monday Corona measures will allow me to visit my printshop and we’ll get to manufacture the cassettes for catalogue numbers 006 and 007 (these will be added to the release next week) and also the long announced and awaited TC5_ghost_returns 5-CD-box.

All the best wishes from us to you, stay strong, stay safe, stay at home and enjoy the music!

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