release note | TC5.005

We´re happy to present our fifth release today! TC5.005 is a split between Dublock and Trium Circulorum on which you can hear both of them explore their personal vision of techno.

This is an hour of calming but unsettling, focused but dreamy, noisy but beautiful high-tech soul. Perfect music for long car rides or for your personal friday night rave alone or with friends.

The one special thing about this release is something different though. You won´t hear any techno from both artists in near future. Dublock is planning to rather focus on synthesis explorations and live act sets in the field of futuristic nostalgia, Trium Circulorum on the other hand recently decided that he has made enough techno for now and is these days getting back into DJing, spinning records on the bass side of life.

We´re happy and proud to present both their maybe most thoughtful and atmospheric releases so far and maybe even for the future.