announcement | TC5 release winter part 2

During our winter break we´ve been busy working to bring you a batch of releases in the first three months of 2020. Here´s what we have:


On Friday 31st of January we´ll release TC5.004, a split tape between nystada and Cinchel. Expect a lively contrast between cinematic ambient by Cinchel on the A side and nystada´s noise experiments on the B side.

On February 21st it´s time for some heavy weight techno, TC5.005 is a split where Dublock´s ambient techno stands against some serious loop banging by Trium Circulorum – atmospheres under pressure vs. thundering tension all the way.

March 20th, the first birds of spring are arriving with their beautiful songs and we´re bringing you TC5.006 – Sonic Trade by Various artist – a collaborative project of methodic sound experiments by no less than eight artists from around the globe – expect the unexpected.

TC5_ghost returns

Episode 06 – “Ghost´s Return” by Dublock is due to release this Friday, January 17th. This one is a live act set of around 40 minutes, get prepared for some deep synth electronica as you´ve rarely heard it from Dublock so far.

On February 7th Episode 07 – “Strich 100” by Trium Circulorum will be available both on YouTube and here on the website.

Kind thanks as always for your interest, time and support. Detailed announcements will follow as time comes.