release note | TC5_ghost_returns_E04

We´re happy to publish a new episode of the TC5_ghost_returns today, this one is brought to you by Trium Circulorum and Kanal Drei. Enjoy 80 minutes of industrialised broken techno – “In Darkest Hours” will perfectly meet your winter needs.

In the words of Trium Circulorum/Kanal Drei – “What I´m trying to achieve in my long form pieces is the creation of an immersingly deep, tight woven fabric. I want to tell a story and I want my listeners to feel this story, not necessarily in a sense of understanding with a logical approach but rather understanding on an emotional level. This also reflects in my choice of tools. While the biggest part of the synth sequences comes from the modular (backed with software synths) the drums were all produced inside the DAW, the FX sections are hardware/software hybrid, too.”

Listen to this story about the darkest hours if you can afford to dream 80 minutes of your life away.

You will find the TC5_ghost_returns series here on the website and on YouTube.