release note | TC5_ghost_returns_E03

The third episode of TC5_ghost_returns, brought to you by mzungu is released – find it here. What can you expect? This one is sort of a DJ mix (tracklist below), 48min in playtime. Nothing special, right? Oh it is, because mzungu went way beyond DJing here – his way of layering/sampling/cutting up/effecting/processing existing tracks is creating something far away from the original music.

Tracklist: Mzungu – Spring (Self-released) / Alan Morse Davies – High in the Mountains (Girly Girl Musik) / Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Theme for the Eulipions (Warner Bros.) / Boards of Canada – XYZ (Warp Records) / Aphex Twin – Stone in Focus (Warp Records) / Whetmann Chelmetts – Miller v. Alabama (Aescape Sounds)

As mzungu himself put it towards me: “All of this was performed live, bar some effects processing and mastering which was added later. The chosen songs were played firstly into an experimental sampler-synthesizer-effects processor, which was then sent to a vocoder, this was played live, mostly utilising arpeggios, to produce what you now hear. The only ‘source’ noise is the tracks listed above. What you hear are the echoes, screams and whispers of those tracks – coerced and manipulated into ethers unknown. The tracks were chosen as they are of the utmost calibre. I hope that no artist finds themselves offended at this reinterpretation of their work, but perhaps recognises a small voice, a single chord, of the original work in the smoke and dust of the Ghost Returns E03”