release note | TC5.002

TC5.002 is here. Phirnis and mzungu deliver a chill noise adventure of sorts. Phirnis about Presence/Cadence: After a hiatus from putting out any full-length solo work at all, this is the first Phirnis album in more than three years when Solitary Confinement came out, the all-out noise A-side to the Solitary Shards split with Trium Circulorum.

In comparison with its predecessor, Presence is a much more diverse album, ranging from the abrasive to the delicate, with a reinterpretation called Cadence by mzungu on the b-side, deliberately stretching the idea of what a remix album can be.

The original music was recorded between 2015 and 2017, with final touches added in summer 2018, right before the mastering process. Presence/Cadence took a long while to materialize. We are glad it’s finally here.