Tripping down the dark side of the rabbit hole – Boobs Of Doom

I want to take a small bit of time to dig into Boobs Of Doom’s 10th album release which is also their first one on tape – “exxpression”.

The first time I heard this album last autumn (because I was asked to master it) I was pretty soon caught. It’s sort of a trip, actually one of those that you wish would never end.

Imagine you’re going down the rabbit hole like Alice, deep into the darkness, scored by distorted drums, dirty synth sequences and basslines, guitar riffs and loads of depth in all spatial dimensions and then with a slow fade you end up directly at the Mad Hatter’s house. That’s how this album sounds to me.

It could have also made the perfect score for Wipeout (for PlayStation 1), deep – dark – dystopian. For me as a lover of gritty and distorted music and sounds this is really a relaxing and also moving listen. If you’re into doomish and noisy beats this might be for you, too.

The tape was released on Odd Chorus, a new label from Birmingham Area, UK, managed by the man known as Owlbinos Of Northfield for his own music productions and Boobs Of Doom is a great choice for this label’s debut.

I can only recommend this and am wishing Odd Chorus and Boobs Of Doom all the best for the future!

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